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I thought I was losing it - you go to binge watch a show and suddenly you’re constantly hearing slow acoustic versions of very familiar songs all throughout the episodes. Not that I’m complaining.


"What’s your greatest fear?"
"Dying before I’ve gotten out of The Matrix."

I’m not crazy about reality, but it’s still the only place to get a decent meal.
Groucho Marx


In the spirit of unadventurous inquiry, student applicants to the Class of 2019 will be asked to respond, briefly, to one of the following prompts. We guess.

  • From bed to couch, front yard to back yard, reruns of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to new episodes of Judge Judy, every school-free summer is special. Tell us: what did you do on your summer vacation?
  • If you could be the president of any school club, of which school club would you be president, and why?
  • Select an inspirational quote from inspirational-quotes.info, and describe, in great detail, its relevance to your life. 
  • Sports: yes or no?
  • We’ve all had the experience of having to take the stairs. Tell us about one time when you had to take the stairs. Inspired by Daniel C, AB ‘10.
  • In lieu of an essay, please submit one (1) selfie. 
  • If you were reaching for the moon, but instead you fell among the stars, how would you feel? 
  • Please write an acrostic poem for which the anchor word is “COLLEGE”. 
  • What was your favorite standardized test question? Please feel free to reflect on the entirety of your standardized test taking experience.
  • Books are alright. Which ones do you like?

The fact that none of these are real is part of why I love this school.

Serious props, this legit horrified me for a moment there.


Like they committed to this woman who didn’t want to have kids, who didn’t particularly care about marriage, who wanted to travel and be a reporter. That’s what she really desired in life.

And they gave all that to her.

AND HAD IT BE MEANINGLESS. They didn’t show her happy for one second between Barney and Ted. What. The. Hell. There was no way for her to be a good friend and enjoy the life she wanted and tell the story they wanted to tell?


They should have given her ending more attention.

(Also Lily’s. What happened after Rome besides her having more kids?)

I’ve written a lot about the finale in various other places (okay, on What’s Alan Watching) but in short - I could have loved this finale. I came to the show late enough that the theory proven true today was circulating the interwebs strong, and Definitely Maybe had already come out, and it completely made sense to me. Why else would the show be about Ted and Robin and that era if not because this was the story they wanted to tell?

And I think the show being such a success definitely made it a lot harder to tell that story. If the show had ended even a few seasons earlier this story would have been less of a betrayal to most fans, and it would have fit had the show ended in the first few seasons. 

I loved a lot of aspects of the finale, but even for me it couldn’t be satisfying and I think it’s because the entire season was such a massive misfire. A lot of people have noticed this - but why on earth did they think it was a good idea to spend the whole season on stupid hijinks and a wedding they were immediately going to undermine? If they knew this was the story they wanted to tell, they could have used the final season to properly address Barney and Robin fans rather than attempting to have their cake and eat it to by pretending to have Barney and Robin and then immediately destroying it. They could have used the season to return to the story they wanted to tell. The final three minutes of the finale could have instead been a proper full episode, a recall to the pilot. They could have explored the Mother and let her go properly.

I had such high hopes for this final season as a chance for the writers to do the show out properly. And then as the season went on it was more and more discouraging and pointless. Then to end knowing that they had the stories to tell, that they needed the time to tell those stories - maybe some fans still would have felt betrayed, but at least they could have gotten some good episodes out of it. In wasting the final season, they made the ending all a lot of viewers were still watching for, and massively hurt that ending. The need to keep the hook completely to the very end (the need to readdress Robin and let her go for the billionth time a few episodes before the finale because they hadn’t had the wedding yet) really hurt the show. And I have a much better opinion of it as a whole than most. Some people never would have loved the final twist, but they could have at least had some good stories in the build up. They had 24 episodes and they didn’t even leave themselves enough time for a final group scene. For more resolution for Lily and Robin. For the Mother.

How long has she been here?
A week

In honoring the HIMYM finale tonight, I’m reminding everyone of how excellent the Mother* is. (Cristin Milioti’s pipes are canon as the Mother’s so it counts.)

*Unrelated note - I got the Mother on the Buzzfeed quiz and am delighted, regardless of what might or might not happen to her in the future.

Yo I generally really dislike the idea of being like ‘the writers made this one creative choice I don’t like so I’m out!” but honestly I’ve only barely been interested in Once Upon a Time for a while. I almost gave it up last season but the episode Tallahassee brought me back. It was the first time all season I was genuinely interested in and excited by the characters.

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